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Palm Pixi

October 26, 2009

The Palm Pixi was announced today from Sprint.  It will be available on a 2 year contract for $99.99 (after rebates).  The Palm Pixi is a thinner/less expensive version of the Palm Pre.  For more information on the Palm Pixi, see the following links:


Sprint 3G /4G USB Modem U301

October 22, 2009


A new hybrid 3G (EVDO) and 4G (WiMax) modem is coming from Sprint soon.  This device will replace the U300 that is currently shipping now.  We expect this device to offer full Mac Support along with hybrid 3G/4G support.  When you are in a 4G native area, you will get 4G speeds, when you are not, the modem will drop down to 3G.

For more information see Sprint 3G / 4G USB Modem U301

WiPipe Central

October 14, 2009

If you have more than a few CradlePoint routers within your organization, WiPipe Central is an essential tool for managing the devices remotely.  Whether your routers are deployed in distant locations, used for digital signage installations, or just simply traveling with your field sales team, CradlePoint makes it easy to keep in touch with the edge your 3G/4G Network.

For more info, see:  WiPipe Central on

CBA750 by CradlePoint

October 13, 2009

According to pages on, it looks like there is a future product called CBA750.  We don’t know much about this, but when available, you will be able to find out more the CBA750 @

We are guessing that the CBA750 will be an upgraded version of the CBA250, which isn’t a 3G Router, but rather a “3G to Ethernet Adapter”.  For certain applications, it works great, see

Connect Mobile Broadband to your Existing Network with Cradlepoint CBA250